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Fathom is an easy to use management reporting & financial analysis tool

Gain deeper insights

Fathom provides a suite of in-depth analysis tools and metrics which help you see exactly how well your business is performing. These tools and metrics help to assess profitability, cash flow, growth and other key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Financial KPIs

    Choose from 50+ financial KPIs and track performance against budgets or targets.

  • Non-financial KPIs

    Customise and track the non-financial metrics that matter most to your business.

  • Create your own KPIs

    Or add your own KPI and define a formula for calculation.

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On-the-fly benchmarking

Fathom helps you easily compare, rank and benchmark your companies, clients or franchisees.

See the big picture

Using Fathom you can create your own benchmarks! Simply group your companies together for benchmark analysis, then drill down into your data, reshape your field of analysis and easily compare the performance of all your companies.

  • Benchmark financial and non-financial KPIs
  • Quickly identify over and under performers
  • Perform ‘exception analysis’ to identify which companies are performing outside the range of expected performance
  • Identify a company’s strengths and weaknesses relative to its peers

Consolidated reporting... made easy

Fathom enables you to group your related companies together to create consolidated reports for an organisation. So, in addition to reporting for an individual company, you can easily track and monitor the performance of a group to which a company belongs.

Financial and non-financial consolidation

  • Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Consolidate budgets, targets and non-financials
  • Eliminations – easily filter any inter-company accounts
  • For large groups – consolidate up to 200 companies
  • Multi-currency consolidation

Alert monitoring

Using Fathom you can easily setup alerts for your companies or clients, then monitor when key financial metrics miss targets or exceed critical alert levels.

All-in-one alert dashboard

Fathom makes it easy to monitor alerts for each of your companies or clients from a single dashboard.

Simply ‘drill-down’ into any alert to investigate a company’s performance. Supporting commentary provides advice for corrective actions.